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Free Courses

    Here you will find high-quality and free courses that you can use to train your staff or yourself to grow your business. In the digital age, one of the key capabilities for a business or an individual is to learn. Learn new knowledge, new capabilities and new ways of doing things. That is why investing time into learning new capabilities is vitally important. Here we list free courses that can take your business capability to the next level:

    SeMrush Academy

    Become A Digital Marketing Pro

    SEMRush Academy offers FREE Digital Marketing courses including on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Marketing. The SEO fundamentals course with Gregg Clifford teaches you about

    •  SEO fundamentals
    •  technical SEO
    •  Keyword Research
    •  Linkbuilding
    • SEO for mobile and more.

    GetResponse University

    Grow Your Email List

    The GetResponse List Building Program is a FREE, comprehensive email marketing course that covers everything you need to know to grow your list by up to 10,000 subscribers in as little as 90 days. It was designed to help marketers maximize their email marketing efforts by enhancing their lists with new, engaged contacts. Here is what you will learn:

    • Write and maintain an engaging blog
    • Create strategic partnerships
    • Develop an email marketing strategy
    • Find new traffic sources
    • Plan and host webinars