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Learn The Secrets Of Some Of The Best Marketing Companies

Marketing companies South Africa

Do you want to grow your business through digital marketing?A good way to do so is by studying some of the best marketing companies out there and seeing what your company can learn from them and then adapt it to your business needs.As we have already looked at 10 digital marketing lessons you can learn […]

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How To Design A Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Nigeria

Build it and they will come.This is a fantasy that many founders and startups believe in. And for good reason. It is beautiful story about customers that are waiting impatiently so they can get rid of their money once the product is built by buying it.The problem?For those of us who are not fortunate enough […]

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Edves Interview: Building A Digital Education Company In Nigeria

Edves Digital Education Nigeria

The Nigerian education system is suffering from a number of different challenges including inadequate funding, a lack of qualified teachers and outdated systems amongst others. Edves, an academic portal that automates operations in schools and colleges, is disrupting the education space in Nigeria by assisting schools to manage admissions, payments, report cards, homework, parent-teacher communication […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Seedstars For African Tech Entrepreneurs

Seedstars Africa Entrepreneurs

Share0 Tweet0 Share0 Building Africa’s future and your business is hard.There are so many uncertainties and uncontrollable variables. Passion, grit and a great team are important in building a successful business, but they are not everything. So how do you maximize your chance of success?You join a community that understands you and the uncertainties of your […]

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Thrive Membership: Here is why we love it

Thrive membership Africa

Are you building your website or even your entire business based off WordPress?In that case you most likely need a variety of plugins and themes to give your website the functionality and feel you desire. Capturing your visitors email address, creating high-converting landing pages, capturing persuasive customer testimonials, inserting countdown timers for special offers or […]

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The Essential Marketing Stack for African Tech Businesses

The essential marketing stack

According to Paypal co-founder and famous venture capitalist Peter Thiel “poor distribution – not product – is the number one cause of failure.”Many tech entrepreneurs often believe that all they need to do is to build an amazing product and the customers will beat a path to their doors.The reality is usually far from it. Distributing […]

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African businesses: Double your company’s revenue with Affiliate Marketing

Konga affiliate programme

$136 billion in sales in 2016. That is what Tech giant Amazon generated last year. And you know what? A big part of those sales were driven through Amazon marketing affiliates. Some estimate that up to 40% of Amazon sales are generated through affiliates. Even if that seems a bit high and for argument’s sake it is assumed […]

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How to market your business like Yoco: An interview with Marketing manager Nicholas Soper

Digital Marketing Yoco Nicholas Soper

Share0 Tweet0 In our post Digital Marketing: 10 lessons African entrepreneurs can learn from fintech startup Yoco we took a look at selected parts of Yoco’s digital marketing strategy and what African entrepreneurs could possibly learn from South Africa’s innovative fintech business try out for their own business.If your companies aim is to succeed in […]

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Best WordPress Themes for African Businesses

Andela Wordpress Rise Africa Rise

0 shares Tweet0 Share0 Have you ever noticed that many of Africa’s most innovative and game changing companies run on a WordPress site? Be it Mark Zuckerberg’s foundation first investment company Andela, fintech pioneer Ilovezoona, Nigeria’s buychat, Google Pitch drive winner Prepclass, Ghana’s Kudobuzz, as well as wildly African tech blog Techcabal. Beyond that you have […]

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Feem: How to build a global tech company in Cameroon [interview]

Feem Share Files offline

Tweet0 Share0 ​Have you ever had issues with transferring files between devices? Then you might be happy to learn that there is a world-class file sharing solution that can solve your issue and it was built in Africa. In fact, it was built by Cameroonian entrepreneur Fritz Ekwoge and his team in Buea, Cameroon. It’s called Feem. […]

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