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African businesses: Double your company’s revenue with Affiliate Marketing

Konga affiliate programme

$136 billion in sales in 2016. That is what Tech giant Amazon generated last year. And you know what? A big part of those sales were driven through Amazon marketing affiliates. Some estimate that up to 40% of Amazon sales are generated through affiliates. Even if that seems a bit high and for argument’s sake it is assumed […]

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How to market your business like Yoco: An interview with Marketing manager Nicholas Soper

Digital Marketing Yoco Nicholas Soper

Share0 Tweet0 In our post Digital Marketing: 10 lessons African entrepreneurs can learn from fintech startup Yoco we took a look at selected parts of Yoco’s digital marketing strategy and what African entrepreneurs could possibly learn from South Africa’s innovative fintech business try out for their own business.If your companies aim is to succeed in […]

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Best WordPress Themes for African Businesses

Andela Wordpress Rise Africa Rise

0 shares Tweet0 Share0 Have you ever noticed that many of Africa’s most innovative and game changing companies run on a WordPress site? Be it Mark Zuckerberg’s foundation first investment company Andela, fintech pioneer Ilovezoona, Nigeria’s buychat, Google Pitch drive winner Prepclass, Ghana’s Kudobuzz, as well as wildly African tech blog Techcabal. Beyond that you have […]

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Feem: How to build a global tech company in Cameroon [interview]

Feem Share Files offline

Tweet0 Share0 ​Have you ever had issues with transferring files between devices? Then you might be happy to learn that there is a world-class file sharing solution that can solve your issue and it was built in Africa. In fact, it was built by Cameroonian entrepreneur Fritz Ekwoge and his team in Buea, Cameroon. It’s called Feem. […]

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12 essential tools for African entrepreneurs to run a successful $10m+ business

best business tools for African entrepreneurs

Tweet0 Share0 Have you ever dreamed to build a business that generates $10m+ in revenue? And have you ever asked yourself what the best tools for African entrepreneurs are to build a $10m+ revenue business?African entrepreneurs wanting to build a business that generates $10m+ in revenue need many things. A great team, great processes, perseverance and […]

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What is a theory of change? Read this to understand it in less than 5 minutes

Theory of change Africa social impact

Social enterprises face numerous challenges.  The need to demonstrate profitability while achieving social and environmental impact creates a single most complex task for organizations. Measuring profitability is a simple and straightforward process determined through financial statements. Enterprises, however, struggle with displaying their role as social change agents. The social return on investment is frequently portrayed as anecdotal […]

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How to outsource software development to Africa: An interview with Tunga founder Ernesto Spruyt

Tunga Ernesto Spruyt software outsourcing Africa

Tweet0 Share0 Technology is changing our world at breathtaking speed and making things possible that only a few decades ago would have been impossible. Case in point? Outsourcing software development to Africa. Even today for many the idea of outsourcing software development to Africa seems strange, if not risky. Luckily, there are visionary entrepreneurs who have set their sights […]

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Digital Marketing: 10 lessons African entrepreneurs can learn from fintech startup Yoco

Digital Marketing Yoco African entrepreneurs

Tweet0 Share0 Digital marketing done right can be a tremendous leverage in scaling your company across Africa and beyond. Doing digital marketing right, however, requires skill, persistence and creativity. That’s why in this post we look at a company that is getting many things right with digital marketing: South African fintech startup Yoco. Fintech is growing in […]

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Digital Marketing 101 for African tech startus

digital marketing africa for beginner

The African continent consists of 53 countries. This means that finding new customers and brand advocates can be a time-consuming and expensive process. With technology, however, you have the choice to market to an array of buyer personas from around the world who may be interested in your ventures.Africa is a continent full of opportunities. […]

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A short introduction to social impact assessment in the 21st century

Social Impact Assessment Africa

Conducting social impact assessment is increasingly becoming important for determining the value of social enterprises. Demonstrating triple bottom lines increases access to capital, indicates good corporate governance, portrays the organizational story to stakeholders and measures how much of the organization’s mission and purposes is being achieved. So “how do you conduct social impact assessment?” becomes a question […]

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