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Seif Awards: An interview about how YOU can win CHF 10’000 for your social business

Seif Awards for social entrepreneurship 2016

Resources. As social innovators we all need resources. Be it money, a valuable network, a supportive mentor and inspiration. We need it like the air to breathe.Well, we have got unbelievably good news for you. There is a great opportunity for you to access valuable resources by applying to the Seif Awards 2016 before the 30th […]

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Impact Investing in Africa: How to get impact investors to invest in your social business Part 1

Impact Investing Africa

Let’s face it: at some point you wished you get could impact investors to invest in your social business. The problem? You are not sure how to access their capital.The good news is that there is an abundance of finance available for the RIGHT investment opportunities. Now you are probably asking yourself: What is the RIGHT […]

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9 African change makers you need to follow on twitter

African change makers

The destiny of our continent is shaped by the greatness of our people.  We have been saying this from day one since Rise Africa Rise started because it is true. Africa is blessed with great people.That is why we are honoured to present to you 9 African change makers you need to follow on twitter, because it […]

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7 tech companies changing Africa for the under 35


Technology is changing Africa. Fast. It opens up new possibilities, experiences and solutions that previously did not exist. By the time the youthfulness of our generation gives way to our first wrinkles, we will inhabit a continent we cannot yet imagine.Innovative companies are changing the Africa we know. Technology is putting a big dent into our […]

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Drones will change Africa. Here is how

Drone Africa

Imagine this: The coming 50 years will bring more technological progress than humanity has achieved in its entire existence till 2016.Let that sink in for a moment.It is time to fasten your seat belt because change is taking place at a whirlwind pace.Emerging technologies like drones, fintech and Artificial Intelligence are changing the way we […]

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Send money online? Check out this African-led fintech company

drone africa

Have you ever wanted to send money online to loved ones at home or wanted to pay employees in a foreign country only to find out that the average transaction cost is between 6 -12 % of the wired amount? That is shocking! So if you are sending $100 that can cost you at a minimum additional $6-12 per […]

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Meet 4 inspirational African social innovators

Bethlehem Alemu

When we read of entrepreneurs we often read of the likes of Richard Branson, Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. Rarely, do we read about African entrepreneurs that changed the game and revolutionized an industry. Let alone reading about African social innovators.Yet we strongly believe that the destiny of our continent is shaped by the greatness […]

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Top 5 social innovation blogs

Smiling Man Using His Cell Phone

In today’s technology driven world change happens at breathtaking speed. This means that as a social innovator and entrepreneur you need to keep up to date constantly about developments relating to policies, the eco-systems, changing consumer trends and possible funding opportunities. One of the best ways to be in the know is by following blogs […]

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7 habits of successful social innovators

inspirational quotes

Quick Navigation 1) Always learning2) Establish processes3) Leverage Assets5) Manage setbacks skillfully6) Are Inclusive7) Practice Spirituality We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. #Aristotle Click to Tweet The habits we adopt, whether consciously or unconsciously, will strongly determine the impact we will have with our ventures and […]

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