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Authority Site: An online business model that allows you to work from anywhere

Authority Sites Africa

Do you dream about an online business that allows you to work from anywhere in the world while only requiring a small investment and requiring very little technical skills ?In that case you may be interested in building a content driven Authority Site. In short, an Authority Site is an online business that people trust […]

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Location-Independent Business Opportunities In South Africa That Require Little Investment

Business opportunities in South Africa

Are you looking for the best business opportunities in South Africa and beyond?With an unemployment rate standing at 26,7% according to Stats SA in 2018, an uncertain labour market and millions of low-paying jobs that barely pay the bills you may indeed be better off exploring attractive business opportunities in South Africa and beyond.Fortunately, we […]

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Investors Have An Important Role To Play In Nurturing Startups – Seedstars Charlie Graham-Brown

African investor seedstars charlie graham brown

Building a business is hard anywhere in the world. Perhaps it is even more so in emerging markets where many entrepreneurial ecosystems are not as mature as in other parts of the world such as the US or Europe.For this reason, accessing smart money through venture capital can be a good idea as it can […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Seedstars For African Tech Entrepreneurs

Seedstars Africa Entrepreneurs

Share0 Tweet0 Share0 Building Africa’s future and your business is hard.There are so many uncertainties and uncontrollable variables. Passion, grit and a great team are important in building a successful business, but they are not everything. So how do you maximize your chance of success?You join a community that understands you and the uncertainties of your […]

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Thrive Membership: Here is why we love it

Thrive membership Africa

Are you building your website or even your entire business based off WordPress?In that case you most likely need a variety of plugins and themes to give your website the functionality and feel you desire. Capturing your visitors email address, creating high-converting landing pages, capturing persuasive customer testimonials, inserting countdown timers for special offers or […]

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Best WordPress Themes for African Businesses

Andela Wordpress Rise Africa Rise

0 shares Tweet0 Share0 Have you ever noticed that many of Africa’s most innovative and game changing companies run on a WordPress site? Be it Mark Zuckerberg’s foundation first investment company Andela, fintech pioneer Ilovezoona, Nigeria’s buychat, Google Pitch drive winner Prepclass, Ghana’s Kudobuzz, as well as wildly African tech blog Techcabal. Beyond that you have […]

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12 essential tools for African entrepreneurs to run a successful $10m+ business

best business tools for African entrepreneurs

Tweet0 Share0 Have you ever dreamed to build a business that generates $10m+ in revenue? And have you ever asked yourself what the best tools for African entrepreneurs are to build a $10m+ revenue business?African entrepreneurs wanting to build a business that generates $10m+ in revenue need many things. A great team, great processes, perseverance and […]

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What is a theory of change? Read this to understand it in less than 5 minutes

Theory of change Africa social impact

Social enterprises face numerous challenges.  The need to demonstrate profitability while achieving social and environmental impact creates a single most complex task for organizations. Measuring profitability is a simple and straightforward process determined through financial statements. Enterprises, however, struggle with displaying their role as social change agents. The social return on investment is frequently portrayed as anecdotal […]

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A short introduction to social impact assessment in the 21st century

Social Impact Assessment Africa

Conducting social impact assessment is increasingly becoming important for determining the value of social enterprises. Demonstrating triple bottom lines increases access to capital, indicates good corporate governance, portrays the organizational story to stakeholders and measures how much of the organization’s mission and purposes is being achieved. So “how do you conduct social impact assessment?” becomes a question […]

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5 Tech Innovations That Are Solving Youth Unemployment In Africa

African tech

High youth unemployment is one of the growing problems in Africa. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), unemployment rate among youth in Northern Africa was at 29.3% in 2016.The situation in sub-Saharan Africa is only slightly better where the youth unemployment rate was at 10.8% last year. In South Africa, more than half of all active […]

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