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Seedstars Summit 2017: 3 key insights for African tech entrepreneurs

Seedstars Billions

Recently, the Seedstars Summit 2017 took place in Lausanne, Switzerland. The Seedstars Summit is a conference for innovative tech startups from emerging markets competing for an equity investment of up to $500k, lots of mentoring, networking and other valuable business opportunities. Part of the vision of Seedstars is to identify high-growth and high-impact startups in emerging […]

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Hubstaff review 2017 (plus a 14 day FREE trial)

Hubstaff review 2017

Hubstaff review 2017Time tracking and payment software with screenshots that allows you to build a globally distributed team so you can hire the best people globally to maximize your company’s impact Price Support User Experience & Design Value for money Pros Allows you to scale your business while keeping track of your employees time and […]

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Free Wifi on African Streets is Now Possible!

A-RED Free wifi Africa

Do you know that struggle when you are out and your battery is dying yet no mobile charger is in sight? Whether it comes to connecting with friends, family and relatives, doing researches for work, or just as a pastime: The mobile phone is our permanent companion! With just one click we get the latest news […]

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For African entrepreneurs: GetResponse 2017 review (plus a 30 day FREE trial)


GetResponse´╗┐´╗┐ 2017 reviewAn All-In One Marketing Platform to scale your business to Africa & beyond Price Support User Experience & Design Value for money Pros Powerful Marketing automation Comes with Webinar softwareFantastic support and tutorials Mobile responsiveFree 30-day trial (no credit card required)In a fast changing industry, GetResponse has been in existence since 1999 and is […]

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Social Entrepreneurship is not charity, damn it!

Social entrepreneurship is not charity

If you have read our post on “What is social entrepreneurship? An African perspective” then you know that the concept and many of its associated terms are mostly defined by institutions in the United States and the United Kingdom. Even though social entrepreneurship is practised widely on our continent, the definition of the term lacks […]

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Why you need to understand your audiences to create impact

Center for Social Innovation volunteers Ghana

How well do you know your audience?If you do not know your audience, their pain points and your solution to those pain points then you are asking for trouble. As social entrepreneurs and innovators we want to create positive change in our communities. To do that we need to know and understand our audience intimately. […]

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What is social entrepreneurship? An African perspective

what is social entrepreneurship?

Social entrepreneurship has generated a lot of interest in the last 10 years. More and more universities and business schools are offering courses related to social entrepreneurship while the number of social enterprises keeps growing. Just look at Google Trends below to see the rising interest in the last few years: Social Entrepreneurship Interest from […]

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9 African change makers you need to follow on twitter

African change makers

The destiny of our continent is shaped by the greatness of our people.  We have been saying this from day one since Rise Africa Rise started because it is true. Africa is blessed with great people.That is why we are honoured to present to you 9 African change makers you need to follow on twitter, because it […]

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7 tech companies changing Africa for the under 35


Technology is changing Africa. Fast. It opens up new possibilities, experiences and solutions that previously did not exist. By the time the youthfulness of our generation gives way to our first wrinkles, we will inhabit a continent we cannot yet imagine.Innovative companies are changing the Africa we know. Technology is putting a big dent into our […]

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Drones will change Africa. Here is how

Drone Africa

Imagine this: The coming 50 years will bring more technological progress than humanity has achieved in its entire existence till 2016.Let that sink in for a moment.It is time to fasten your seat belt because change is taking place at a whirlwind pace.Emerging technologies like drones, fintech and Artificial Intelligence are changing the way we […]

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