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For African entrepreneurs: GetResponse 2017 review (plus a 30 day FREE trial)

GetResponse 2017 review

An All-In One Marketing Platform to scale your business to Africa & beyond



User Experience & Design

Value for money

  • Powerful Marketing automation
  • Comes with Webinar software
  • Fantastic support and tutorials 
  • Mobile responsive
  • Free 30-day trial (no credit card required)
  • In a fast changing industry, GetResponse has been in existence since 1999 and is very reliable
  • User experience and design could be more intuitive - a bit clunky at times
  • No marketing automation marketplaces where import of templates is possible
  • Built-in 1000+ stock photos do not cater for African Target audience (few Africa centric photos)
  • No free plan


GetResponse is the Email marketing solution we use here at Rise Africa Rise (you would know if you are signed up to our newsletter). If we were not convinced that it is a great solution, we would not recommend it. GetResponse is a great solution for African entrepreneurs and innovators who want to scale their business across Africa and beyond while making $$$.

It is very affordable, comes with a FREE 30-day trial, offers many useful features and integrations with other products. Your business can easily grow with GetResponse as it can handle more complex needs and allows for multiple users to use the product.

Starts from $15 per month

In order for you to succeed in scaling your business across Africa and beyond while amplifying your social impact in a digital economy, you need the right tools that enable you to do exactly that.

If you have read why Email marketing should be the crown jewel of your digital marketing strategy and how 4 of Africa's leading companies use Email marketing you should be well aware of how you can use Email marketing to grow your own business.

In order to assist with choosing the right Email marketing technology, we reviewed GetResponse which is the Email marketing software we use ourselves.

Be aware that GetResponse is an all in-one marketing platform with tons of different features, not all of which we review here. This means there is a lot more to discover as part of their FREE 30 day no risk trial.

Enjoy our GetResponse 2017 review.

Who is this for?

  • African Entrepreneurs who want to scale across Africa & beyond while making $$$
  • African Entrepreneurs who are determined, focused and committed to working hard - this is not a quick-fix
  • African Entrepreneurs who have a concept and strategy for their Email marketing 
  • African Entrepreneurs who do not want to miss the accelerating transition towards a digital economy as part of the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • African entrepreneurs who want to benefit from the most profitable and reliable online marketing channel - Email!

What is GetResponse?

Get response Pricing

Price is one of the most important considerations when investing in a product that can help scale your business while amplifying your positive social impact.

In light of this important consideration, we feel GetResponse pricing structure is very affordable while providing a lot of value. Take a look at their pricing options below. 

GetResponse Price

Start scaling your business with GetResponse today!

Also note that before committing to anything you can get a FREE 30 Day trial to test the entire software and decide whether it it fits your needs. No credit card required. This is a great opportunity to learn more about this product without having any risk at all.

Like most Email marketing providers, GetResponse offers a tiered pricing structure with prices increasing as your needs grow more complex. Starting at $15 a month allows you to build an Email list of a 1000 subscribers which gives you a good foundation to start monetizing your Email subscribers.

Assuming you can get $1 per subscriber per month then the cost of the software programme will pay for itself with only 15 subscribers. And we have not even talked about the discount you can get if you pay 12 or 24 months up front.

One of the great parts of GetResponse's pricing is that you can save when you commit to paying the fees for 12 or 24 months upfront. By choosing the annual plan option you can save up to 18%.  If you are on the basic plan paying $15 per month or $180 annually, you would only pay $147 which saves you $33 per year. With the more advanced options your savings would obviously be higher.

As soon as your Email list starts to grow your chance to increase your revenue also grows which means it will become easier to upgrade to marketing plans that give you more options and can fulfill more complex demands.

In addition, as is outlined further down GetResponse also offers special discounts for partner products of up to 40%. You should also keep in mind that GetResponse comes with webinar functionality (except in the basic plan) and that with other Email marketing technology you will need to purchase this separately.  When making your final choice, keep these cost savings and value enhancing features in mind.

As your business grows and you want to provide more value it is very likely that your business will benefit from GetResponse' partner products. Therefore, it makes sense to plan ahead and take these savings into account when deciding on the best software product for your Email marketing.

Marketing automation

One of the features that makes Email marketing so powerful is marketing automation.​ Marketing automation allows you to automate repetitive tasks like sending welcome and confirmation Emails to your subscribers or educate them about your business with an email drip campaign.

The GetResponse marketing automation functionality is easy to use through their drag and drop workflow builder. It allows you to design a customized user experience. For example, you can use marketing automation to educate your subscribers about the social challenge you are addressing and how your business is addressing it.

In the first Email, you could describe the challenge, give some context, provide some numbers and statistics. In the second Email you could then show how your business is solving that challenge (e.g. making financial services accessible to the financially excluded). In the third Email, you could introduce subscribers to the people behind your business or the people whose lives you are impacting. The possibilities are really endless.

Soko email 2

This is part of an Email from Kenyan social enterprise Soko using Email marketing automation to educate their subscribers about the social challenge they are addressing

Beyond that GetResponse's marketing automation functionality allows you to create conditions which are based on user behaviours. For example, if you are operating an ecommerce shop like Soko and one of your subscribers does not complete a purchase you can set up a condition that then sends an email to the subscriber to complete the purchase. This functionality can dramatically increase your revenue.

Another important feature is the ability to score your subscribers based on actions they have taken. This allows you to create customized marketing campaigns for the most loyal customers for example. It allows you to segment loyal customers vs once-off purchasers. This is really powerful and can really help to scale your business while amplifying your impact.

GetREsponse leadscoring

GetResponse Marketing automation workflow and Lead Scoring

With GetResponse subscriber scoring, you can track and rate customer actions and use the insights that you collect to measure the value of your database. This means you can assign any number of points to any selected activity (e.g. 10 points for visiting a sales page, for opening your emails etc.)

As a result you can analyze the value of individual subscribers and built customized offerings and solutions for them. For example, you could design a loyalty programme for your most valuable customers based on the information you gain from your lead scoring system.

GetResponse automation 2017

One of the things we miss about the marketing automation feature in GetResponse is that they do not seem to offer marketing automation marketplaces where you could import or copy marketing automation workflow other users have built. Such marketplaces could give you a perfect template for building early warning systems to help you identify declining customers without having to do the work all for yourself. Often other users have set up great systems and automations from which you can benefit.

Marketing automation is by far our favourite feature of GetResponse here at Rise Africa Rise. This is a real game changer for scaling your business. While there is a lot of work to set up all workflows and automations, once you have it you can let marketing automation help you scale your business and amplify your social impact.

Multiple Users

As your business and marketing requirements grow you want to have an Email marketing programme that allows access for multiple users. GetResponse offers this feature.

While the basic plan does not offer a multiple user feature all subsequent plans do. This means you can give access to various team members and also edit their rights as users which is very helpful. See below a screenshot on editing user rights for different roles.

GetResponse multiple ussrs

Preview of User Account Rights Settings

This is a very useful feature as you can determine exactly the rights that you want to give to particular team members. For example, you may want to avoid that users can delete Email subscribers without your permission. GetResponse makes it really easy for you to customize your settings and rights for individual users.

In total you can add up to 25 users for your GetResponse account. If you want to add a user to your existing plan, you can do so for an extra $5 per month.

Mobile responsive

The use of smart phones in Africa has doubled in 2 years reaching 226 million in 2016. That number is expected to grow to 750 million smart phone users by 2020.

The message is clear. Your Email needs to be mobile responsive in order to reach your customers and subscribers. Luckily, all GetResponse Emails are mobile responsive and as such perfect for reaching an African audience.

Getresponse review 20117 mobile responsive

GetResponse Emails are all mobile responsive

In addition, you also get the option to preview what your Email will look like on a mobile device before you send it.

Getresponse mobile responsive

Mobile preview of your Emails

When you invest in GetResponse you can be assured that it is a great fit for reaching African mobile audiences. Given GetResponse's longevity since 1999 in a fast-paced technology market, you can be fairly confident that the product will continue to evolve as technology evolves too.


To make your business scale through Email marketing you need a compelling newsletter that provides value to subscribers. GetResponse will help you doing that with over 500 templates that you can choose from. This will save you a lot of time creating your own templates and it will allow you to invest that time in other activities.

They have pre-designed templates for different industries, businesses and activities so there is a good chance that you will find templates that fit your business. 

Geresponse review 2017 templates

500+ pre-designed templates to choose from + you can design your own ones if you like

What if you do not?

Then you can very easily customize the existing templates according to your needs or very easily create your own one that you can save for later uses.​ It's very easy to customize it for your brand and audience.


The GetResponse Email marketing software offers a lot of different functionalities and features not all of which you may understand immediately. That is why one of the elements we appreciate the most about GetResponse is their extensive list of tutorials and training materials. Not many competitors can live up to this breadth and depth in tutorials and supporting materials.

There are tons of video tutorials that you can watch to learn powerful tricks and tips on how to maximize the impact GetResponse can have on your business.

One of the best tutorials offered by GetResponse is the Email list building course where you can learn how to get 10,000 subscribers. There is a choice between the 90 days or 180 days course.  When you understand that an Email subscribers is more valuable than any social media follower you may have on facebook, twitter or instagram then you know how important it is to grow your Email list. 

Having a structured course that teaches you this important part of scaling your business step by step is highly valuable and saves you a lot of time.​ This is another element that makes GetResponse such a great choice as your Email marketing provider.


There are times when you will need support, because you have some problem, a question or you need something. As you surely know the quality of support you receive from a particular company can be a major source of frustration or a real joy.

In our experience, we can say that the support we have received from GetResponse whenever we needed it was fantastic, reliable and fast. They offer support through phone, 24/7 live chat including weekends, through Emails and their extensive list of FAQs, manuals and tutorials.

Here is an example of their live chat support function. You can ask them any question you have relating to GetResponse and one of their Customer Service Representatives will help you out.

GetResponse chat support


The GetResponse Analytics feature allows you to track all your Email marketing campaigns. Analytics allows you to:

  • Track the growth of your Email subscriber list
  • Analyze where your subscribers are based
  • View engagement and effectiveness stats such as opens, click-through-rates, and goals reached in real time and as they change hour by hour
  • Measure the buzz your emails generate across the web by counting tweets, likes, and comments from the top social networks
  • Analyze which email clients your recipients use to view your emails - Yahoo, iPhone, Outlook, or Gmail. Compare desktop vs. mobile clients.
  • Analyze and compare the effectiveness of different autoresponders and marketing automations
  • Analyze how your Emails convert on your website
Getresponse review 2017 ROI


Web-based seminars have grown in popularity over the last few years and it is a great way to build your brand while also growing your Email list.

GetResponse makes it really easy for you to run your own webinar.​ In fact far as we are aware, it is the only Email marketing software provider that currently offers webinars. Otherwise, you will have to purchase webinar software separately with further implications for your budget.

So what does the webinar option allow you to do?

  • Scheduling
  • Registration feature to collect Email addresses
  • Integrate it with marketing automation to send invites and reminders
  • Share webinar instantly via social media
  • Send automatic thank you messages
  • Youtube integration to view videos
  • Slide deck for presentations
  • White boards for notes and drawing
  • Desktop sharing for demos
  • Live polls and survey for instant feedback
  • Chat for direct interaction with participants
  • Detailed post webinar reports and stats (website visits, registrations and attendants etc.)

Creating a webinar on GetResponse is really simple. You can do it in 3 simple steps:

1) Name webinar and set time

GetResponse webinar 2017 review

2) Create webinar invitation from pre designed templates

GetResponse Webinar templates

3) Publish your webinar

​You have the option of publishing your webinar immediately or schedule it according to your set time. You will have 100% control over the number of reminder emails your registrants receive.  include social sharing buttons on your webinars using GetResponse one-click sharing options

Webinars can be a great way to get more customers and also educate them about your product or impact you are having. The fact that GetResponse includes this as part of their package is really fantastic, because it allows you to save money by not having to purchase a separate Webinar software.

GetResponse App

Like any good tech product would, GetResponse offers an app for your smartphone as part of its product. The app is available for both android and iOS and you can download it from the Apple store or the Google Play store.

GetResponse app

The app comes with many great features and allows you to do work on the go. Monitor campaigns, collect leads and keep up-to-date on stats. Here are some of the great things you can do with it:

  • View statistics for newsletters (e.g. open rates, click-through rates)
  • Create Emails on the go. Send messages to selected contacts. Edit existing autoresponders.
  • Grow your list by using manual contact entry or contact importing from a smartphone address book
  • Monitor campaign performance and forward reports by email anytime

While the app comes with many great features it is also important to point out that some are of limited use. Not sure about you, but writing an Email that delivers value to subscribers is not something we like to do on a smartphone. Despite of the declining importance of desktop we still prefer to set up and plan our Email marketing campaigns, templates and strategies on desktop, because it is simpler to do.

Other than that the app is really great, because it allows you to monitor and make adjustments to marketing campaigns on the go​ which is very valuable. It means you can run your business from basically anywhere.


At the time of writing, GetResponse offers integrations with up to 169 other applications. These include the following applications:

  • Customer Relationship Management applications like Salesforce
  • Content Management Solutions like WordPress, Drupal and more
  • Social applications like Facebook, Slack, Youtube and Wistia
  • E-commerce solutions like Paypal, Google Adwords and more
  • You can develop your own application and then submit it to GetResponse
GetResponse 2017 review

Why does this matter? Because integrating GetResponse with these applications makes your business more powerful and gives you the ability to scale more easily than if you only work with one digital technology. This feature gives you more options. It will become more important as your business grows.

You will thank yourself for thinking about what other products integrate with your Email marketing solution later. Imagine you invest in a product only to find out at a late stage it does not integrate with other products you use to run your business. Avoid this by planning ahead.

Special Discounts on Partner offers

As the move towards a digital economy is accelerating it is a safe bet to assume that your business will be needing various digital technologies to scale across the continent and beyond.

Aside from the fact that the digital technologies your businesses employs should integrate to collaborate like a symphony orchestra, would it not be great if you could use the fact that you are using a particular digital technology to get access to others cheaper?

Well, guess what?

GetResponse has you covered.​ If you use GetResponse, you can get discounts ranging from 10% - 40% for up to 24 digital marketing technologies.

GetResponse review 2017 special discount

Get up to 40% discounts on digital marketing technology GetResponse partners

As most of us don't have unlimited budget and resources these discounted offers can help your business get more bang for your buck. If you care about your money then you should study the partner offers very carefully to understand how you can maximize this benefit.

GetResponse alternatives

There are countless alternative Email marketing providers. It can be hard to make the right choice which is why this GetResponse 2017 review was written: To help you in making the right choice in selecting your Email marketing provider.

However, that is not to say there are not any good GetResponse competitors. There are. Here we list 4 competitors that you might want to try out if you do not like GetResponse.

  • it is free for up to 2000 subscribers and 12'000 emails per month
  • Lot's of 3rd party integrations
  • Low cost plans
  • Subscriber profiles
  • A/B testing
Active Campaign logo
  • Marketing automation
  • Marketing automation templates marketplace
  • Personalize web content
  • Integrates with over 700 apps and services
  • Basic plan starts at $9 per month
  • This is a "Rolls-Royce" solution for your Marketing automation needs
  • Basic plan starts at $99 per month
  • Fully integrated to enable invoicing, billing, collection, and related communications all in one place
  • Lots of different integration options
Ontraport logo
  • Like infusionsoft, a very high-end all in one Marketing automation provider
  • Integrates with WordPress and many other technology products
  • Basic plan starts at $79 per month
  • Predictive analytics
  • Web activity tracking


If you goal is to scale your business and amplify your social impact across Africa without relying on donor funding, then Email marketing is the way to go. Particularly, in a digital economy where sales happen online. Email subscribers are more valuable than any social media followers, so it makes sense to use Email marketing.

​In our view, the best way to get started with Email marketing is by using GetResponse. It has everything you need and can grow with your business to fulfill more demanding requirements. Start using the one digital marketing channel most leading tech companies globally use with GetResponse.

GetResponse 2017 review

Summary: Given that Email marketing is the most profitable digital marketing channel there is, it is mandatory to invest in an Email marketing provider. For the reasons outlined, we feel that GetResponse is a great product choice. In total we give it a 4 out of 5 star rating as there are a few things that could be improved as we have outlined in this post. Nonetheless, GetResponse will be a worthwhile investment with a high Return on Investment

$15 per month 

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