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​Smart Strategies and Tips to win new customers and retain them

2016 was a monumental year for African tech. Not only did Africa produce it's first $1 billion startup in Jumia but the surprise visit of Mark Zuckerberg to Kenya and Nigeria together with his foundation's $24 million investment in Andela is a sign of the tremendous potential African tech has to transform the fortunes of the continent.

At the same time, former McKinsey consultant and Young Global Leader Ndidi Nwuneli published a book on "Social Innovation in Africa" where she shares the following 6 point model needed to scale social innovation across the continent.

Social Innovation in Africa Ndidi Nwuneli

The great thing about technology and growth hacking is that they are designed to meet at least 4 of the 6 elements in that they obviously leverage technology, tend to be low cost, are simple, because it is digital their impact can be measured and of course technology makes it fairly easy to engage community. As such they can become a tremendous force to scale businesses and social innovation across Africa and beyond as we move into an increasingly digital economy as part of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Read on to find the best tools and in-house as well as curated content on how to scale your business and impact using digital technologies in 2017 and beyond.

Recommended Growth Hacking Tools to skyrocket your business

GetResponse Email Africa

Email is the most profitable online channel which is used amongst others by Africa's first $1 billion dollar startup Jumia to drive sales. GetResponse is one of the best Email marketing programmes which comes with many valuable features such as marketing automation, analytics and tutorials. Start your 30 day no risk FREE trial today. No credit card required.

Canva (Graphic Design Software)

Visual content is becoming increasingly important, because as humans we process visual information easier than text. That is why it important to create appealing visual content for which this design software is a great solution. The visual at the top of this page has been created using canva. The free version of Canva is great and sufficient for those on a budget.

The Fundamentals 

Customer Value Optimization

The concept of the Digital Customer Value Optimization is absolutely critical to understand and implement in scaling your business. Read this piece numerous times until you truly eat, breathe and sleep this concept. Everything else that follows here flows from this concept. Essential reading by!

Email marketing

Email should be the crown jewel of your digital marketing strategy. Period!

Find out why Email marketing is such a powerful digital marketing strategy in this 5000+ words post and how it can help to scale your business

How 4 leading African companies use Email marketing to drive millions of $$$ in revenue

Leading companies across Africa ranging from software, ecommerce and social entrepreneurship companies are using Email marketing to power their business. What is stopping you? Find out what actionable tricks you can apply in your own business.

Growth Hacking

The Definitive Guide To Growth Hacking

Created by one of the most successful and well known Online Marketers, Neil Patel, this is a very in-depth guide articulating what growth hacking is and what strategies are available to grow your business.

Valuable Growth Hacking Case Studies

If you are dreaming of giving Silicon Valley's Tech Unicorns a run for their money, study these highly valuable growth hacking case studies from companies like Airbnb, Whatsapp, Uber and others. Definitely worth your time.

How to build a high performing Growth Team

A very insightful article that looks at the different skillsets you need within a Growth Team and the two different approaches to structuring a Growth Team. The article is supported through easy to understand visual that help to deepen your understanding the key concepts. A must read.

Digital Marketing Africa

​Smart Strategies and Tips to win new customers and retain them