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Welcome to Rise Africa Rise – a blog focused on providing game-changing insights for African entrepreneurs, digital marketers and technies to scale their businesses across Africa and beyond with the right technologies and digital strategies. Our aim is to provide you with valuable resources, relevant information, inspiring content and a supportive online community to help your company scale across Africa and beyond while creating positive impact throughout the continent.

In the knowledge economy that we are living in today it is vital to keep our knowledge fresh, relevant and valuable. That is why as a social innovator and tech entrepreneur you need to empower yourself and your team through education, learning new insights and much more. 

The entrepreneurial journey can be a lonely one especially in the face of daunting challenges. That is why Rise Africa Rise should also be a place where you can find new inspiration, courage and ideas to move forward and kick some ass.

Who is Rise Africa Rise for?

We believe that if you are:

  • Tech entrepreneur
  • a Digital marketer
  • Product Manager
  •  willing to invest in yourself and in the necessary tools to grow yourself and your business

You are at the right place here. You will find inspiring, educational and informative content on the relevant social entrepreneurial topics including Digital Strategies Digital Marketing and Technology. See below for examples on what you will find here: 

How to outsource software development to Africa: An interview with Tunga founder Ernesto Spruyt
Technology is changing our world at breathtaking speed and making things possible that only a few decades ago would have[...]
Digital Marketing in Africa for tech startups
The African continent consists of 53 countries. This means that finding new customers and brand advocates can be a time-consuming[...]
Email should be the crown jewel of your digital marketing strategy. Period!
When you think about the digital marketing strategy of your  business what comes to mind first?Setting up a facebook page?Twitter?Instagram[...]
How to scale Social Innovation in Africa: An interview with former McKinsey consultant Ndidi Nwuneli
Social innovation is hard. Scaling a successful social innovation in Africa and across the continent is even harder.As the Director[...]
What is social entrepreneurship? An African perspective
Social entrepreneurship has generated a lot of interest in the last 10 years. More and more universities and business schools[...]
Impact Investing in Africa: How to get impact investors to invest in your social business Part 1
Let's face it: at some point you wished you get could impact investors to invest in your social business. The[...]

Continue to pursue the great work you are doing and help to build a more prosperous Africa. We look forward to welcoming you to our Rise Africa Rise community.

Join our community of innovators and tech entrepreneurs building world class businesses that scale across Africa and beyond.