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Thrive Membership: Here is why we love it

Are you building your website or even your entire business based off WordPress?

In that case you most likely need a variety of plugins and themes to give your website the functionality and feel you desire. Capturing your visitors email address, creating high-converting landing pages, capturing persuasive customer testimonials, inserting countdown timers for special offers or engaging your customers through quizzes are important functionalities for most businesses.

Given WordPress massive community of developers you can most likely find the necessary plugins to achieve the functionality you want. Alternatively, you can even build it in-house if you have the the right WordPress developers.

Another option is to invest in a Thrive membership - which is what we have been doing here at Rise Africa Rise for a number of years. And we have not regretted it. In fact we have included Thrive Themes in our list of best WordPress Themes for African businesses.

In this post we are going to look at why we at Rise Africa Rise love the Thrive membership. Please note that this is not an objective review of Thrive Themes or the Thrive membership where the post ends with a recommendation as to whether this is right for your business or not. That is your team's decision to make. Here we simply state why Thrive membership is the right choice for us at this point.

In the interests of transparency, please note that if after reading this post you decide to invest in a Thrive membership by clicking on a link in this post Rise Africa Rise will receive a commission at no additional cost to you. As such it is worth repeating that you need to decide for yourself whether Thrive membership is right for your business.

What is Thrive membership?

Thrive membership is your all-in-one online WordPress business toolbox. This includes the full suite of 10 different themes for your WordPress website, continuous updates,  instant access to newly developed plugins, unlimited support, exclusive members only courses and templates.

Here are some of the product highlights that are included in the Thrive membership package:

  • 10 conversion focused WordPress themes optimized for speed
  • Email list building tool with customizable opt-in forms
  • Fast visual drag and drop WordPress editor to create stylish pages
  • A collection of instantly publishable opt-in, sales, webinar registration and countless other important landing pages
  • Smart widgets that you can display in a variety of places throughout your website
  • A tool to optimize your headlines and boost your content marketing
  • Countdown timers for effective sales campaigns
  • Plugin that automatically collects detailed and persuasive customer testimonials
  • A Quiz builder to engage your audience

Fantastic suite of products

The products mentioned above that you get access to as part of a Thrive membership are fantastic for WordPress based businesses as they arm you with many functionalities that can help your business thrive.

They are very easy to setup and use - even for non-tech people. Below you can find a screenshot of the Thrive Architect control panel which allows you to easily design your website in a drag and drop way.

Thrive Architect control panel

The Thrive Architect Control panel to design your pages

Considering that mobile traffic has now surpassed website traffic and that by 2020 more than 500 million mobile subscribers are predicted for Africa the fact that Thrive Architect allows you to build mobile optimized web pages is a key point for African businesses.

Furthermore, 226 beautifully designed and 100% conversion focused landing page templates come bundled with Thrive Architect. This allows you to make sales, sign visitors up for a webinar and get them on to your email list.

Continuous product development

The fact that the Thrive team continuously develop their products further and even develop new ones is definitely one of the biggest reasons why we love the Thrive membership. It gives you a ton of options for your business in the way you want to acquire and engage customers. At the same time, it means you are getting excellent value for your money.

Take a look at the 2017 review video to get a better sense of what one can expect being a Thrive member.

In 2017 you could look forward to something exciting like a new product, new product updates or new landing page sets every month and it looks like this is going to continue in 2018 and going forward. This gives you confidence that no matter how WordPress and technology in general will develop in the future with the Thrive membership you will be well equipped to keep up with the rapid changes.


An important aspect of any tech product is how it integrates with other tech products. The Thrive suite of products will not disappoint as they integrate with a huge number of different software products. Be it with Email marketing software providers like Ontraport, Infusionsoft or Getresponse to Amazon Web Services, Twitter, Facebook, Webinarjam and many more.

Given Thrive's commitment to high-quality and great products, it is very likely that in future more integrations will follow.

Great tutorial videos

With all the tools and products you get with a Thrive membership you have so many different ways in which you can boost your business. It can get a bit overwhelming at times keeping up with all the possibilities at your disposal. That's why we love the Thrive Themes Youtube channel where they host a number of different how-to and tutorial videos that show you how to get the most out of individual tools that come with the membership. 

This is also really useful for your web development and marketing team as they can teach necessary skills and applications themselves by watching these highly useful and high-quality videos produced by Thrive Themes. There is so much that you can learn from building high converting landing pages to how to build your email list and much more.

Thrive University

As part of the Thrive membership you also get access to Thrive University where you or your team get to learn many important digital marketing skills in a structured way so that you can apply these to scale your business.

Thrive University

A small selection of courses you can take to improve your digital marketing skills 

While you can find a lot of educational resources online where you can learn online marketing one of the big advantages of Thrive University is that the material is structured and easily digestible. You have a roadmap laid out for you that you can follow as you develop your digital marketing skills. The courses you can take range from copywriting, to creating funnels or how to do a product launch.


Now you know why we love the Thrive membership package. Whether it is right for your business or website is something you need to decide based on your business context. Given the continuous innovation and further development of the Thrive products combined with a 30-day money back guarantee should be a good reason to take the Thrive membership for a test drive to evaluate whether it can help scale your business to the next level.

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